Living Your Best Story

Living Your Best Story

In the latest episode of the MTR Podcast, we talked about making the effort. Whether it's in your career, with your family, or becoming a better man, there are just some things that don't fall in our laps. Maturity doesn't happen to us. It requires our participation.

Our family likes to go on road trips. We've been across the country to see family in the midwest 3 times, down to Disneyland 4 times, and made trips around the west and mountains multiple times. Each of those trips created memories for our whole family that we'll remember for the rest of our lives. And each of those trips required effort and intentionality.

Most of the good things in life require us to be intentional. The converse is also true. When we lack intentionality, we are likely to lack many of the good things we want for our future selves. If we want our kids to want to spend time with us once they're grown, we have to build a relationship with them now. If we want to have a marriage that will last to 50+ years, we have to work on that in year 19. If we want to be able to retire, we have to invest income.

John Maxwell says: “When you get right down to it, intentional living is about living your best story.”

Just like those road trips and vacations you've taken with your family, a good story requires intentionality. Think about the "Lord of the Rings." It's an epic story, in an epic world with epic characters. It's a classic good vs. evil story that has been loved by millions for many generations. Do you know how long it took Tolkien to write it? 12 years. 17 if you count the breaks he took in the midst of writing and planning.

Do you know something else about Tolkien? He didn't write the book in isolation. He met weekly with a group weekly (sometimes twice a week) to sharpen the ideas, work out the world, the characters, the plot, and more.

Good stories take time, effort, and intentionality. The story of our lives is no different. Life will not be an epic journey by accident. If we want to have a good story, we have to write a good story.

You're the hero of your story. No one else can decide for you what journey you are going to take. But you can. You have complete authority in your life to decide today to live a better life. Whatever journey you've been on, it is within your power to choose something different today.

Every good story has a few other key elements besides a hero and plot. There is usually a squad, a guide, and a villain. We need a squad to take the journey with us. We need someone to guide us through mountains and along the tricky spots. And we need a villain to defeat.

As men, the same is true. We need other men to go on this journey with us. We need guides who are a little further down the road and know where the potholes and dangerous curves are. And we need to defeat the villains who would love us to just sit on the sidelines of our own lives, waiting for the coach to put us in.

Who is your guide? Who are in your squad? Who is your villain? Let's team up for this journey and see what amazing stories we can write together!